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Thank you for any help you may provide. I will do my best to describe my situation as there are many strange things that may lend a clue to the source of my issue:

Bought a 2010 V Star 250 from the dealer two years ago. A few months ago I noticed the ignition safety switches were acting up. At first, I could only start the bike in neutral. After wiggling the wire that connects to the clutch safety switch I was able to start the bike in gear WITH THE CLUTCH DEPRESSED. After a few weeks I was able to start the bike IN GEAR WITHOUT THE CLUTCH(meaning it would lurch forward!) The next switch was the sidestand. I WAS able to start it with the sidestand down. Another separate occurrence (4-5mo ago) had to do with the headlight getting dim intermittently during rides at night. That issue went away after I cleaned the ground wire and harnesses on the rectifier. That is all mostly background info....

Now this is when something really went wrong. Not long ago the spark started jumping out of the front cylinder spark plug wire when it rained causing the bike to run only on the rear cylinder. I decided to change both ignition coils all the way to new spark plugs. After I replaced them the bike fired right up and ran well for about five minutes. After 5 minutes I lost spark on the rear cylinder. I limped halfway home before I lost all spark and had to push the bike home. I ordered a new rectifier, stator coil, and TCI module. After replacing all of those the bike again started right up and I rode away for a test drive. Only made it about two minutes before she lost the rear cylinder spark followed by all spark short after.

After putting in the new TCI the safety switches were functioning properly. Before I replaced the TCI, as long as the key was turned and the kill switch flipped all I had to do was press the starter button and the engine would crank, even if it was in gear and the sidestand was down. It would crank but no spark. Once I replaced the TCI, the safety switches were functioning properly and I had to start it either in neutral or with the clutch in and the sidestand up.

I noticed the same burnt electronic smell coming from my old TCI and the new one that got the bike running again(for 2 minutes). I know for a fact this is not carb related but purely electronic. For some reason the TCI modules are getting fried. The rectifier, stator, and TCI I ordered new were NOT oem but cheaper alternatives.

Please help as this is my only means of transportation and I am very discouraged after working for so long on it already.... Thank you
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