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I also did a bit of further research....... The system only monitors every 7 seconds, and then only transmits to the display every two minutes, unless there is a 3 psi change within that 7 second period.

There are other alternatives out there as well...... Just none as good as the Smartire seemed to be, as they are generally valve cap mounted, rather than rim mounted.....



http://www.esmartholdings.com/application.html (scroll down a bit)


I was more interested for a racing application, allowing you to monitor and change your tyre pressure dependant on what would keep the tyre temperature in the best operating range. I find that the tyres lose as a minimum 15-20 degree's C between racing, and actually stopping in the pits. This means that the tyre pressure and temperatures your seeing once you get back aren't correct as to what was happening on the track....

I may have to see what else is out there for this type of application.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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