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Serious problems

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Good day all. It feels good to join another forum. I have owned an R6, a Vmax sled and I still have my 660 Raptor. I am going to buy an R6 again eventually. But anyway, I am going to get right down to business with the 2001 660 Raptor.

There is a 70,000 member Raptor forum that I have put this story to and we are working through it. No easy answers yet/ But I thought it might be good to expand to the whole Yamaha product line to see if anyone has had the same problem or seen something like this.

Most of us will know by now the sound they make with a weak battery. A buzz buzz clickclick noise comes from the solenoid. But if it is doing that with a brand new battery, it is something else. A bad solenoid or a worn starter. Bad connections or starter leads. Or maybe the charging system isn't working so it is wearing down good batteries. Bad ground.

I have replaced all of the said components. New batteries, solenoid, starter. The battery and starter cable leads ohm out fine. The stator is fine so it is charging. Regulator/rectifier is new. The bike sometimes starts fine when it is cold. No clicking or buzzing. But when it runs for 10 minutes or longer and gets hot, it will not restart. It just does this: Iv'e been dealing with this problem for 5 years. Testing and replacing part ect ect. Everytime I think i found it, it does it again.

April 29, 2023
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