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Hello, everyone. I am a retired two-wheel rider of bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters. I was reluctant to trade in my 2012 Honda Silver Wing for a 2020 Xmax 300 recently. Motivation for this move was that, as good as the Silver Wing has been, it was becoming a little heavy for me in jockeying around, and investigation into a lighter bike showed the Xmax as a real attraction.

My latest hobbies include attempting to play various musical instruments, outdoor activities like bicycling, hiking, camping (motorcycle and car). I have worked on farms, taught high school (and some college), worked for both federal and state governments, labored with a moving company, a steel company, on a factory line, for a mechanical engineering company, painted houses, and worked as a licensed movie projectionist, dishwasher, cook.... Et Cetera.

Past bikes include Cushman Eagle, Honda Nighthawk 450, Kawasaki Vulcan 900, BMW F800 ST, Honda Silver Wing. I have ridden (never owned) two Harleys. I would like to have all of the above bikes in my pretend "Jay Leno" garage, but unfortunately I can only afford one bike at a time in one shed.

I have now owned the Yamaha Xmax for a few days, and hope to enhance happy ownership by visiting this forum. Thanks for the invitation.
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