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Managed to pick myself up an '07 R6 at a very good price, and am in the process of spending $$$$ to get it where I want.

Currently it looks like anything else out there, however this is all going to change as I get time....

Stock Bike......

Currently I have the following installed:
C-n-R Shorty levers (Black with red adjuster tabs)
Sprocket Specialists STEALTH 520 Rear Sprocket (47 teeth)
Sprocket Specialists/Driven 520 Front Sprockets (16/15)
DID ERV3 520 Chain
Red GPR Steering Damper
Zap Racing FE Kit
Woodcraft Case covers with Red sliders
Pickup Knobs
Custom Built SS Brake Lines
Graves Full exhaust (SS Headers) + Ceramic Coating
PCIII + Ignition Module
Ottimoto Adjustable Rearsets

Also on order/in process of ordering:
Traxxion Dynamics Tank Sliders
Custom Sticker kit.
Attack Performance Bodywork.
YEC High Compression Gasket

I'll add pictures as things are added

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Just got back from a track day with it in stock trim (engine and exhaust wise). This thing screams. Get it over 210km/h, and you hear the ram air start to build up and it just takes off again. Using the stock Qualifier tyres, I was exiting turn 6 of the back straight at about 15-20km down on what my normal corner speed was on may last race bike, and was hitting an indicated 258km/h at my braking point, thats an additional 12km/h on top of the K4 GSXR600 I was racing all this year. Can't wait to get the full system, YEC Gasket and Port and Polish done to it. Smiling all week now :)
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