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I have an IT 250 2 stroke aircooled yami. I'm not to clued up about mechanics but I would love to learn and take on this project rather than take it in to a dealer! Thats why I am here. I have some work to do on it so let the questions begin!


I struggle to get it started by kicking myself to death for about a half an hour, when it does get going, it seems to die in 3rd gear loosing rev's - I suspect a carb problem (38mm Mikuni) --- I would appreciate any input for going about fixing and tuning the carb for best performance, even if you can point me in the right direction with diagrams or where I can download a workshop manual for this bike - Some else looked at the carb and also mentioned that it looks like vacuum pipes are missing off the side??


2 stroke mix ratio in petrol - please advise on this specific bike

Chain tension - how do I know if there is enough tension on the chain and is there a guide or rail it should run on?

Brakes - drum brakes front and rear - there seems to be a metal rod connected to the rear drum brake, it looks a bit bent and runs over the swingarm - the positioning looks correct but again I wonder - does it not have a guide or rail to run on?


Where can I buy parts for such an old bike in Gauteng South Africa? The tank is cracked and it has a home made seat, I want to buy new/second hand original parts - also shocks and brakes.

Look forward to your advise
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