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How-To credited to maxoverfred

An easy and short tutorial to remove the stock air filter and replace it by a BMC (not the racing version in my case).

1) Remove the stock air filter

Remove the plastic fairing below the tank and move the tank. Find a solution to have a complete access to the airbox.

The airbox is closed by 9 + 2 screws.

Once the airbox is open, the filter is directly accessible.

Just unscrew the 5 bolts that hold the original filter and you will be ready:

2) Install BMC filter

The BMC filter is composed of two parts: cover + filter

Before to set the filter in the airbox, you need to fix the cover to the filter part, 4 black screws are provided. Ps: use Loctitte in order to keep these parts fixed.

Finally, adjust the filter in the airbox and take care that everything is correctly positionned before to screw the 5 new bolts provided by BMC.

Re-install the covers below the tank.
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