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How-To Remove Stock Exhaust, o2 Sensor, and EXUP cables

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How-To credited to maxoverfred

Hi everyone, here is another version in order to help anyone who needs to remove his stock exhaust on a yamaha R6 2006. Some parts have been already explained, so i just made a small and modest contribution on what i have done on my own this afternoon. Don't hesitate to give me your comments so i can complete it.

This is only applicable for a yamaha R6 2006 if you will install a full aftermarket exhaust system in place of the stock one. In my case, i will install a power commander, so in that case, i have also unplugged the O2 sensor (not recommended if you don't have a PC).

The easiest way to access everything is to remove all the fairing. As it's not really complicated, i don't have made pictures... just remove the screws one by one... and avoid to make any scratch on each part. The bike is ready...

Stock Canister & Exup cables:

First of all, remove the black cover on the stock exhaust (hold by 3 screws).

You will see the two cables used for the exup system, just unscrew the 4 nuts indicated by a red arrow in the image below, take out the 2 cables from the canister.

Once done, just remove the screw under the rearset that maintained the canister and remove the "collar" shown on the next picture

The stock canister will come very easy...

Now, you just need to unplug the two cables for the exup system motor behind the rear shock. Unscrew the rearsets and the brake fluid tank, so you can easily access the exup motor, just remove the two screws right/left behind the rear shock.

Just try to move the motor in order to access the cables

After opening the small cover in rubber, then just remove the cables from the end.

That's it: your exup cable is unplugged and the exup motor is still connected, so you will not get any error code at the start (tested).

O2 Sensor:

As already mentionned, only unplug the O2 sensor if you have planned to install a Power Commander with your new exhaust system.
In order to unplug it correctly, you need to access the space below the tank. Remove the two covers under the tank and move the tank.

I am using a piece of wood to keep the tank stable, but i have already seen other nice solutions with some elastics... Mine is working fine (also to access the air filter)

Just touch the cable for the O2 sensor, it's the one that comes into the big 'box' of your exhaust. Just follow the cable until the top, and you will see where it goes under the tank.

Just unplug it.

Stock Collector etc..:

Now it's the removal of the collector, remove the 8 screws. In order to access at the screws in the middle, just remove the screw of the radiator so, you can move it a little bit to access the screws.
The "exaust box" is maintained by 2 screws (left/right). After, it goes down directly.

Just spent two minutes to realize the weight of the stock exhaust... incredible...

it's finished.. just wait now for your new exhaust...

Is it not similar to a old trx now? :cool:
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