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First off I would like to say I am not a certified mechanic nor am I trained to perform modifications "professionally." How To's I write up are just simple things I have done research on and done trials before I even fully install them on my own. It is wise to read over the instructions that are included with your OEM/Aftermarket parts and follow the directions. Every thing you read is to be done on your own risk, any questions please feel free to ask. I HOLD NO RESPONSIBLITY IF YOU SCREW SOMETHING UP. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, OR TAKE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL!

Removing/Installing Grips

8mm hex tool (allen key or t-handle)
Flathead screwdriver
Rubbing Alcohol
Hairspray (does not have to be any top of the line hair spray, something that provides “maximum holding” will be surfice.
Shop towel/paper towels

This project should take no more then 15 mins each side, but its always wise to set some extra time incase something goes wrong and for clean up time.

Lets begin. First you have to remove the stock bar ends or any other bar ends you may be using. I do not have any bar ends so I took a picture of a stock bar end to show what you have to do. Take the 8mm hex tool and twist the bar end off. It might be tight so I recommend using a t-handle hex tool, but if you only have the allen key use some kind of pipe to extend the key for extra leverage. Below is a picture of what I mean.

You have to remove BOTH sides!

When you remove both sides take a look at the handle bar from the side it should look something like this.

The 4 points are the places you will use the flat head to stick into and loosen the grip itself. I recommend spraying some WD-40 on the screwdriver before proceeding it will make it less resistant. I put some rags down to absorb the WD-40 for later on, you should do it also, it would make clean up a lot easier. Here is a picture of the screwdriver inserted. When you insert the screwdriver, move it around and push down on the screw driver to loosen it up. Do it to the 4 points illustrated above. Here is a picture of the screwdriver inserted.

After you are done with the 4 points, return to point 1 and stick in the screw driver again. Leave the screwdriver inside while using WD-40, spray some of the liquid into the gap like so.

Remove screwdriver and spray WD-40 into ALL 4 points again. Once you are done let it sit for a minute or 2. when the wait is over just twist the grips off. They should slide off with ease.

REPEAT ALL DIRECTION TO THE OPPOSITE SIDE ALSO!!! here is a picture of both sides removed.

when you are done removing both sides, use the rubbing alcohol and clean off all the glue residue left behind and the WD-40. it is vital that ALL the WD-40 comes off or the grip will slip off
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