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How-To Replace your Fuses.

First off we are not certified mechanic nor am are we trained to perform modifications "professionally." How To's we write up are just simple things we have done research on and done trials before we even fully install them on our own. It is wise to read over the instructions that are included with your OEM/Aftermarket parts and follow the directions. Every thing you read is to be done on your own risk, any questions please feel free to ask. WE HOLD NO RESPONSIBLITY IF YOU SCREW SOMETHING UP. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, OR TAKE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL!

Tools you need:


If you are having problem with your headlights, turn signals, fans, or any electrical component of your bike it is best to check your fuses before going into panic mode. Below are pictures of where the fuses are located. THERE ARE 3 DIFFERENT AREAS It’s a good idea to remove the battery from the bike to prevent a burn out of the fuse.

As you can see there are 2 areas beneath the seat circled in RED is the Main Fuses and circled in WHITE are the fan fuses.

The Fan box looks like this when opened.

The 3rd fuse box is located on the left hand side of the bike beneath the upper fairing and attached to the frame protector. It looks something like this.

If you are having a problem with your headlights, ignition, signals, or EFI the 3rd box is where you will want to look. When you open the box it looks something like this.

Basically find the fuse associated with the problem area (i.e. headlights are out, check headlight fuse). Use the pliers or your fingers if you want and pull out the fuse, you might need a little elbow grease but you will have to pull it out. You can first do an eye examination of the fuse, if the fuse is damaged or cooked chances are there will be a burnt stain or the center piece will be broken like the picture below.

If nothing is visable us the ohm meter and set the ohm meter to ohm x 1 and test the fuse. If it’s broken use one of the reserves and replace it. make sure you replace that reserve fuse incase of future needs

This should take nor more than a few minutes and save you A LOT of headache.

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