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I got these for two reasons. Additional protection with minimum replacement costs if I bin it while on the track/road, and a bit of extra contrast to go along with my red and black colour scheme for the bike.

Woodcraft Case covers are similar to other brands out there, however they have modified the design somewhat by including replaceable sliders on the case covers. In addition to this, the securing bolts actually run from the inside of the cover, rather than the outside. This means if you do come off, the bolt heads aren't ground down and it is easy to remove and replace the slider.

To start, you need to remove all lower fairings from the bike. Take care to ensure you don't scratch them. I recommend you put the bike up on the rearstand as you do this to allow any oil to drain out of the areas that will be opened up to replace these two parts.

Once this is done, open the box of the new covers, and install the sliders onto them, ensuring that they are done up tightly, and that the o-rings around the bolts don't distort and cause a potential for leaking.

Left Hand Side Case Cover (Crankcase Cover).

Once you have complete access, you need to remove the 9 bolts holding on the cover.

As you carefully remove the cover you will notice that there is a lot of resistance. This is due to the magnetic nature of the stator.

I had a total of 5 drops of oil come out of the crankcase cover. As you can see, inside the crankcase cover is the stator, and wiring leading up to your battery. You have to follow this wiring up through the frame, unplug it, and then thread the lead back through the frame to be able to completely separate the case from the bike. This may not be necessary, but I found it impossible to generate the torque required to undo the bolts holding in the stator without having the cover on the ground. This process of getting the wiring and plug out of the frame is very tedious, however as long as you take your time, you will get it.

Once you have it on the ground, you need to undo the three bolts holding oin the stator, as well as the bolt holding in the wiring clamp. YOU WILL NEED A 30H TORX BIT TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS. Make sure you have it before you remove the cover.

Once the stator and clamp is removed, you install them straight back into the new cover, ensuring to use loctite on the threads. Once the stator and clamp is back in, and the rubber grommet at the top of the case is correctly placed, the new cover is ready to install.

Make sure you remove the old gasket from the bike, and remove any additional lining, so that the mating surface is nice and flat. Use the gasket supplied by Woodcraft, place it onto the bike, and then carefully put on the new Case cover. Take care, as there is still a lot of magnetism that can skew the case cover, and frustrate you.

Once the new cover is in place, apply loctite or another threadlocker to the bolts, and install them. Do the bolts up in a star pattern similar to what you would do for rotors or sprockets on the wheel, ensuring that they are tightened to the correct torque as identified in the service manual.

Once the bolts are tight, all that is left to do is thread the wiring and plug back through the frame, and plug it back in.

Run the bike briefly to ensure that you don't get any error codes, or have an oil leak, and then begin on the other side.

Right Hand Side Case Cover (Oil pump Cover)

With access to the oil Pump cover, remove the 7 bolts holding it on. (the oil mark on the bitumen in the picture is not from the bike)

Prepare the mating surface on the bike by removing any gunk left from the original gasket.

Place the new gasket supplied with the Woodcraft Case Cover onto the bike, and then carefully place on the new case cover. Replace the couple of clamps into their original position, apply loctite to the threads, and then install and tighten the bolts. Again, tighten them in a star pattern to the torque specifications identified in the service manual.

Run the bike for a few minutes to check that there are no immediate leaks, install your fairings, and then stand back and admire the new look.

(picture to follow)

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I just put on the woodcrafts on my 07 R1. Basically same proccess, cept there are clearence issues with the replaceable slider plates and that the stator side uses a cover that goes over the original case piece. Wood craft had made an error on there website and did not disclose that you would have to notch the left fairing alot to use the double thick aluminum slider piece and a much smaller notch to use the thin stainless steel slider piece. I let woodcraft know the error and they sent me replacement SS slider plates and updated there website to state there are clearence issues with the fairing. (great customer service from woodcraft). I didn't take pics of the process but I'll try to get pics up of the final install.

I'd like a set for my bike! I found the left on motomummy's site but not the right side
They have them listed on woodcrafts site... http://www.woodcraft-cfm.com/Scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=12704
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