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How-To credited to C3L1CA

Tools needed:
10mm socket/wrench
Phillips screwdriver

Time to complete:
20 minutesish

Step 1:
Remove the two mirrors that are held in with the 10mm bolts

There are 2 bolts on each mirror, making 4 all together. I found it helpful to screw the nut back on the mirror once off so I don't loose the nuts.

Step 2:
Remove the 4 phillip screws holding the windscreen in.

Step 3:
Pull out the stock windscreen by pulling towards the back of the bike. Kind of tricky but just a little wiggling and you'll get it.

Step 4:
Take the rubber gromets out of the old windscreen and put them in the new screen.

Step 5:
Slide the new windscreen on the bike. Make sure the rubber gromets stay on the windscreen, if not pull it off and keep trying till you get it stick.

Step 6:
Bolt everything back up. Then take a step back admire for a bit, then go riding :)

If anybody has something to add that I forgot or any tips to add let me know. This is my first how to and I'm sure it isn't the greatest. Also a pretty easy thing to do but always helpful to have some pics before you start working on something to get the general idea.
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