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Write up credited to R6-Hybridd

Since i have never seen a how-to on slide stops before i decided to take some pics and do a write up on them so here you go.

I bought these from McCoy Motorsports and got them right away (thanks Shane). I did this on an 05 and since i have not done this on an 03 or 04, i am not sure if the prosedure is the same.

First thing that needs to be done is to prop up or remove the tank completely. Since i had no gas in the tank and I like the extra space, I decided to remove the tank. In my case I had to remove my steering damper and seat before I could remove the tank.

After the tank is removed/proped you must remove the airbox. First remove the rubber ram air hose thet connects the ducts to the air box. Next you must disconnect every hose and unplug the air temp sensor. The hose clamps came off easily with a set of long bent needle nose pliers. I ran into problems with the air temp sensor plug so i just removed the sensor all together, It will easily pull out of the rubber boot that holds it in. Also dont forget the bolt holding the front of the airbox, use a 10mm socket or wrench to take it out. Next you need to loosen the airbox/throttle body clamps with a 4mm allen wrench (see following pic, the way the arrow points is the way the allen wrench needs to go to get to the clamp screws) and after that the airbox will lift off easily.

Next you need to remove the plastic heat shield. The are 2 push pin connectors holding it to the top of the radiator (I found that out after I broke the pins) and there is nothing holding it in the back. This stupid piece of plastic is the hardest part of the project cause of the hoses and wires that snake arround it. There is also a rubber piece that runs under the throttle bodies, don't try to remove that cause it goes arround the throttle bodies and over the starter behind the throttle bodies. No pic for the plastic piece cause my flash isn't working and you can't see it with no flash. In the next pic you can see me holding the rubber piece back.

This is where my way and the supplied directions split. The directions tell you to remove the throttle bodies completely but there are alot of hoses and a few electricle plugs that i didn't want to mess with so i decided to do it with out removing them and it seems like it is easier and quicker. I will give direction for the way i did it. If you decide to take the throttle bodies off, still read the rest cause some of the information is the same.

First you must remove the AIS or in my case the smog block-off plates in order to get the bottom screw out on cylinders 1 and 3. If you have the AIS still installed just remove the pieces from the cylinder head then once they are off the head, pull them off the rubber hoses. If you have the smog block-off plates then simply remove the plates.

Next thing to do is to remove the slide caps. There are 2 screws holding each one on. They are kind of tight and some are aquward to get to so i recommend a stubby phillips head screwdriver, some vise grips, muscle and imagination. The bottom screw on cylinder 4 was the toughest, i clamped the vise grips to the screwdriver and pushed on the screwdriver as hard as i could with one hand then used the other hand to turn the screwdriver with the vise grips and it came right loose. Another note, the bottom screw on cylinder1 and 3 will hit the rubber heatshield but just keep turning it and they will pass it and come right out.

Once you have all the slide caps off then you can remove the slides. It does not matter if the slides get mixed up cause they are all the same. If the slides are dirty then you can clean them with carb cleaner if you wish.

The next thing is installing the slide stops. They are not directional at all so don't worry about that. The slide stops go on from the bottom to the top. Firmly seat the slidestop on the slide up against the rubber slide diaphram. When it is seated there will be no gap between the slide stop and the slide diaphram.

Next is to reinstall the slides in the throttle bodies. The slides are directional in the throttle bodies but there is no way that they can go in wrong. Slide them in until they stop. They should stick out the top about 1/2 to 2/4 inches. In the next pic the slides are in as far as they will go.

Next, pull the slide diaphram down and makesure it sits in the groove in the throttle body, If it is not in the grove then you will have an air leak when you put the caps back on.

Next is to install the caps back on to the throttle bodies. THE CAPS ARE DIRECTIONAL!!!!!. Their is an arrow on the caps that must face towards the cylinder head. If you go back and look at the third pic i have circled it so you can see what it should look like installed. The caps probably wont seat down all the way immideately so just jiggle and fidget with them for a minuet or 2 and they will seat. As a note, I did not reinstall the slide springs as the are not necessary any more but you can if you want to.

Once you put the caps on, install the top screw to hold them on but do not tighten them. Now install the bottom screws and tighten them then go back and tighten the top ones. The bottom screw on cylinder 4 is easier to install then it was to remove. The bottom screw on cylinder 1 and 3 need some pressure on them to get past the rubber piece, just put some pressure on them and turn and the screws will find a thread and pull themselves right in. The next pic is what the throttle bodies should look like inside once done correctaly, You should plainly see the butterfly valves.

Last thigs to do are to reinstall the AIS system or smog block off plates, plastic heat shield, airbox and gas tank.

If you need to replace your spark plugs, this is a good time to replace them. All that is required is to remove the direct ignition coils then remove and replace the plugs.

Try to remember how you took the plastic heat shield out, that info will help you tremendously when you have to reinstall it. If you are like me and broke the push pins durring removal, dont sweat it cause the shield does a good job at holding it's self in. Don't run the bike with out the heat shield.

The air box can be a little tedious cause once you start hooking it back up you cant move the airbox alot. i recommend hooking everything up then push the airbox down on the throttle bodies and tighten the screws.

The gas tank is easy, just make sure you tighten everything and remember your damper if you took one off.

It is not to hard of a job, took me about an hour and a half with interuptions from my 4yr old brother.

I have not had the chance to ride the bike with them installed cause the bike is in the basement for the winter. Once I get it on the track I will report back.

Have fun and if you have any questions, just ask.
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