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How-To credited to maxoverfred

Very easy tutorial: installation of the Power Commander III USB.

You will need to access the under the tank, so just remove the tank from his original place.

Remove the plastic fairing below the tank and move the tank. Find a solution to have a complete access to the airbox.

Remove the seat and move slightly the ECU box in order to have move place to work. The PC will be fixed with velcro on the ECU box.

The following are screenshots from the original documentation (because it's nicely done).

Some pictures of the installation on my bike:

USB connection:

If you connect your laptop by USB, be sure that the USB is correctly plugged in (need to help a little bit to have it plug correctly). The current map will be directly displayed in the software provided with the PC. To load a map, just send it and you will get a confirmation when it's loaded. Use the throttle and see the synchro within the program on your laptop.

External power required to run a PCIII:
The Power commander requires external power in order to communicate with it or to make button adjustements. On some models of motorcycles, power is only supplied to it while the engine is running (if the lights on the face of the unit go out a few seconds after switching on the ignition: your bike is affected by this); To power the PCIII you can connect the supplied 9 volt power adpater instead of using the bike's power. (extract from the original documentation)

Video: Click here to watch PCIII in action

Direct url to original Documentation
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