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How-To credited to FormerPacifist

I installed my Custom LED blinkers a couple of days ago and took pictures of just about every step. I've been noticing people asking for a how-to on this install so here it is!

note: I may leave out some simple steps but only because they are covered in the instructions that come with the kit, this is meant to cover what the instructions did not cover or were vague about as well as to tell you some helpful tips that I picked up while I was installing it.

Part I: Removing the tail light.

In order to remove the tail light, you have to take off the rear upper fairing. There are about 13 bolts/quick fasteners that you have to remove plus both seats. You should also remove the stock Mudflap if you haven't already.

1. Remove the seat by taking out the two bolts that hold it down. (There is an allen wrench in the tool kit beneath the rear seat)

2. After the rear seat is off, take out the 4 quick fasteners indicated by the green arrows.

hint: in order to remove them simply unscrew them about half a turn until the top part comes loose them pull them out:

3. Remove the two quick fasteners indicated by the blue arrows(they are kind of underneath the fairing). In order to remove these types of fasteners, push the middle of them in with a phillips screw driver or a pencil, then pull them out. You SHOULD NOT have to force them.

4. Remove the two quick fasteners and the bolt indicated by the teal arrows. You should also remove the stock mudflap at this time as well if you haven't already. To do so, disconnect all of the connectors in the area indicated by the purple arrows and take out the four bolts indicated by the yellow arrows.

5. Next remove the four allen bolts on the undertail. They are indicated by red arrows.

6. Now the tail is ready to come off! There may be another way to remove the tail, but this is how i did it. First pull the two parts indicated by green arrows up over the frame one at a time, you have to stretch the tail section a bit but it's nothing that will damage it.

Next, pull the whole tail section towards the rear of the motorcycle. You will notice that the bottom fairing and upper fairing are interlocked. As you slide the upper fairing towards the back of the motorcycle just work the two pieces appart and remove the upper one. (note: it may be possible to remove the tail light without completely removing the upper part, I'm not sure though.)

7. Now the light is ready to be removed, there are two quick fasteners and a tab holding the light in. Remove the two quick fasteners indicated by red arrows (one is obscured by wires). You also need to unplug the light from the wiring harness. Make sure the light is loose and then pull it out.

Part II: Installed the new LED's.

Now that the light is out you have to install the new LED's. I hope you are comfortable with a dremel tool. (this was my first time using one so don't worry to much.)

**I would reccomend that you also refer to the instructions that you recieved with the LED as well as my advice in this section**

1. You will need to cut open the light case with a dremel tool. This is the hardest part of the whole project, but if you take your time it's a piece of cake. I would recommend using the thinnest dremel cutting wheel that you own, the thinner the wheel, the less of the plastic you have to cut and the easier it will be to glue back together.


**Remember that the purpose of the dremel is only to loosen up the glue holding the lens to the grey backing so that you can pry them apart.

**You know that you have cut too deep if you cut all the way down into the grey backing part. You only want to cut deep enough that you can get enough leverage with your screwdriver to crack glue between the pieces.

**You can cut one spot extra deep in order to break in the initial seal and then cut less deep around the rest of the perimeter.

**If one spot is really sticking, then hit it with the dremel again.

**It's not as hard as it sounds, just take your time and be careful.

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