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How To Install Clutch/Brake Levers for 2005 R6

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First off I would like to say I am not a certified mechanic nor am I trained to perform modifications "professionally." How To's I write up are just simple things I have done research on and done trials before I even fully install them on my own. It is wise to read over the instructions that are included with your OEM/Aftermarket parts and follow the directions. Every thing you read is to be done on your own risk, any questions please feel free to ask. I HOLD NO RESPONSIBLITY IF YOU SCREW SOMETHING UP. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, OR TAKE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL!

Now that i got the disclaimer out of the way...lets install some levers.
tools you will need :
10mm wrench
flat head screwdriver.

first lets get to know what and where we will be working on. below is a picture of the OEM BRAKE LEVER i have circled the screw that we will be working with.

second picture is a close up. again the screw is circled there is a 10mm nut underneath the screw, i could not take pictures because my camera is too big.

first remove the nut, put the 10mm underneath and twist off the nut. then move onto the screw, here you will need a flat head screwdriver and twist that off. when complete PULL OUT THE SCREW & THE LEVER ITSELF. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO REMOVE! below is a picture of me removing the lever.

YES IT IS THAT SIMPLE TO DO THE BRAKE LEVER! now you will have to replace or put back the OEM lever. I replaced it with a Pazzo Racing Lever, but even if it is ANY other lever the steps are still the same.

To put the brake lever back/or replace with aftermarkets, just line up the brake lever and put the screw back in. it should look like this once you put the screw back on.


when its all dont the complete project should take you no more then 10 mins. here is the finished product.

this was the brake lever, now we move onto the clutch lever.
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