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How-To credited to maxoverfred

An easy and short tutorial to install the full Akrapovic exhaust system (Ref by Indy Superbikes: ISB-AK-132 Akrapovic Full RACE Exhaust)

Picture of the parts:

1) Installation of the header tubes

First of all, set up the sleeves together with the flanges and springs. As you see on the pictures with the parts, 8 springs are delivered. Ignore 4 of them to install the header tubes.

The orientation of the holes for the springs is important, so follow the pictures provides with the notes:

Install the 4 springs and align them with the fixations on the header tubes.

Prepare the header tubes:

I have already assembled the 2 parts together. Just insert properly the tubes and attach the springs.

Slide the akra Y link pipe onto assembled collectors and take 2 other springs to fix it. I think this link pipe can be already assembled before, so it's up to you.

Make sure that the tubes are not touching the engine, other tubes, eletrical installation. In my case, I am not using the O2 sensor because of the presence of a PCIII (only condition).

2) Install the canister

Position the muffler correctly and slide it onto the outlet side of the Y link pipe. Attach the 2 springs at the muffler.

Just install the clamp in carbon fiber and don't forget that the two bolts are coming behind the rearset fixation. Fix correctly all bolts on the header tubes.
Your exhaust is now installed

Video: Click here to watch Akrapovic Race Full Exhaust R6 2006

This exhaust is awesome, I have hesitated to take the carbon look but i don't have any regret, it's better in real than on pictures. The sound seems loud, need to make more investigation (i don't have any db killer for this moment). The canister looks long but it's ok... Perhaps I will cut it in a few months.
In place of Akrapovic, we can rename it "Blue flame", because it's really giving some...
I have make a quick round today, bike is working fine, need to wait the end of winter to test this on road and track.
My bike has passed a power test (no simulation of Ram-air admission)... it gives 126 hp on crankshaft with the full exhauts, the map and the air filter... I still need to scan the graphs and will put them online.

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i didnt do the write ups so i dont want to take credit for them. the individuals that did do the write ups have been credited in the beginning of the thread.
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