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Tools Needed: Flat head screwdriver, 5mm Hex (allen), 14MM socket, 12MM socket, Torque Wrench.

Step 1: Remove Bolt/Alignment Pin cover.

Step 2: Loosen Bolt/Alignment Pin. (Do not remove at this point)
(12 FT LBS on reassembly)

Step 3: Remove Caliper mounting bolts. 14MM (Front bolt 20 FT LBS on reassembly) 12MM(Rear bolt 16 FT LBS on reassembly).

Step 4: Remove Caliper. Push on pads to force the piston back in caliper.

Step 5: Now remove Bolt/Alignment Pin.

Step 6: Remove old pads.

Step 7: Install New pads.

Reassemble by moving backwards up the list.

Ride safe.
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