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Hi group. I really need your help, I have my 2001 R1 bike, I bought it 3 years ago, and it has been in a workshop about 2 years. Since I bought it, it turns off while driving after 1 or 2 hours, at normal speed (50 mph ~ 80 mph). I took it to local workshops, and all of them says different things and I have lost a lot of money trying to get my bike back on the streets. I have change the inside motor's parts such as camshafts, rings, electronic brain, battery, gas pump... and the list goes on.
Last time that I sent it to a workshop, it only last 1 day of ridding. It goes off while driving it and I couldn't turn it on again. I had to pull out the air fylter and push gasoline directly on the carburettors, and it worked... for 30 minutes. Then, it goes off again.

When you are ridding it, it feels good the first 30 minutes, then, it loses power bit by bit, and finally, she goes off.

Radiator, engine head, head gasket, oil level, all is good.

What could be this problem? I appreciate your answers.

(I apologize if the text is too long, just wanted to make it clear enough to get proper help)
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