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Thank you for sponsoring the yamaha-forum.net, my goal is to have each and everyone of you be successful here, there will need to be a few guidelines to ensure we don't have any issues though.

Rules are not needed until there is an issue, I'm sure all of you will get along just fine, but just in case here are my thoughts, these can be changed as needed based on feedback from you.

  • Group Buys- Please only run one group buy at a time, when one is finished (items shipped) please update the title to CLOSED. Group buys are first come first serve, if another sponsor is offering an item on a special sale or a group buy, please do not post up the same product during this special sale or group buy.
  • Members posting up issues with sponsors- I have created a sponsor rating section for members to rate there experience, we will not allow members to go off in a rant about any bad deals, this will be kept to a rating only and no stories. If there are issues with a member and or sponsor then those are between the member and the sponsor, we don't need to hear a three page story on it. :) They are free to post up a rating and a brief description.
  • Please respect each others sections, these are your own section to post up whatever you wish.
  • Please do not confront or attack another sponsor or his or her products on the forum, if there is an issue please use the pm system, pick up the phone or shoot them an e-mail. If I can do anything please let me know.
If you have any other suggestions please feel free to add them.

Thank you for supporting the site. :)
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