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Greetings all,
I see no FZ/MT/R7 post listing, so I've dropped this here - if I'm missing something, let me know. This question actually covers a number of Yamaha models that are/were available both with as well as without ABS.
I'm looking for anyone with direct knowledge about the pulse rate of the transmission speedo pick-up compared to the ABS sensor/speedo pick up on the same model with ABS. I'm running R6 wheels on a FZ07, and have removed the ABS (mostly because it is non-adjustable, and mostly horrible). The speedo is driven off of the rear ABS ring stock, and the non-ABS bikes use a transmission mounted pick-up. The harness is obviously different, but the wire colour is the same for both pick-ups, and the pin-out is close.
I'm planning on installing the transmission pick-up, but would like to know prior to purchase whether anyone else has gone down this road.
Thanks much!
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