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Welcome to the for sale section, before posting please read the rules below, if you have any questions please send a message to a moderator or admin for an answer.

1. You must be a member of the forum for at least 1 month and have at least 25 post before selling items on this forum

2. No commercial sales will be permitted, you can contact the administrator if you are interested in sponsorship.

3. No new items for sale by garage shops or businesses.

4. All items must have a price and I recommend images attached as well, people like to see what they are buying.

5. No links to e-bay items, if you want to sale your item here that is great but do not post your item on e-bay and then link this a post here to it.

6. No Hijacking other peoples For Sale Threads. (Meaning do not post a list of what you have for sale or other parts you want to get rid of in other peoples Threads, Start your own!)

Any items that do not follow the above rules will be removed without notice.

Thank you for actually reading the rules.... :lol

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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