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this is a list of things you should do to better prep your bike for winter storage. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED THAT YOU OCCASIONALLY START YOUR BIKE IN THE WINTER, YOU MAY BE DOING MORE DAMAGE THAN GOOD TO YOUR BIKE!!!

change antifreeze/coolant fluids. (i do it both before and after a season because i use 2 seperate things during riding and during storage.)
change oil & filter
run engine and use fogging oil underneath the air filter, bike will cut off if you dont rev.
fill tank up add fuel stablizer (let engine run for a min)
change air filter (compulsive thing)
clean bike (Full wash & Wax)
lube chain & cables
put air in tires (max PSI)
put oil on forks and seal
remove battery and place on Tender
plug exhaust hole (wipe some Pledge on exhaust if its metal *titanium, SS, aluminum)
put bike on stands and put cover over it (if do use a cover, wash it in the washing machine in the gentle cycle with woolite (light detergent) to get the dirt and dust acumulated over the season)

if you have any questions or don't know how to perform any of those listed above feel free to contact me via PM or email for help.

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