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Hi yall, hope all is well. I just bought a 2022 700r. I had an 06 years ago. To make it short, ive had bikes my whole life but ive never ever had a new one LOL so im new to the break in process. Ive only ever rebuilt car motors and trannies never any of my bikes. All my bikes were used when i got them so this is my first time ever having anything new.

Any positive or helpful feedback/tips is much appreciated.

Theres alot of debate on this. Some say to ride it hard from the start, some say to baby it.
I have about 3 hours on it right now since i bought it earlier this week. I havent done WOT pulls at all, havent been at extremely high rpms. Havent hit no more than maybe 1/4 to a quarter throttle throughout the gears for shirt bursts.
Neutral and 1st have been finicky but its getting better as i break it in so i think it just needs to be broken in.

this is new technology to me and its very much so different from my other bikes especially since its efi.

My only question, anatomy wise during this break in: Ive downshifted while learning the rpm ranges and even though ive rev matched, at times ive found im not used to the rpm range yet on this bike and i deff hear the rpm jump up to a much higher rpm range upon the downshift bc im still working on perfecting my rev match timing/coordination. Its much different than my cbr, obviously.

Its not bad to the point where its a money shift and it feels like a nosedive, but i did feel the engine brake jerk the bike forward a bit, and does sound like i hit a slightly high rpm upon downshift when i let the clutch out a bit too quickly a few times. The newer 700 clutches feel longer and let out way up top and im getting used to it as my cbr is the opposite but ill get used to quickly.

Cutting to the chase:
question 1:
Should the downshifts i did that didnt rev match perfectly in time, and resulted in high rpm/engine braking, be harmful for the breakin process or should it be fine or actually a good thing for the break in process and im just overthinking it? Just wondering if it would overstress the engine and tranny or clutch as they鈥檙e being broken in and not seating internals probably. Or if it wouldve actually helped it, or not even made a damn difference. 馃槀

question 2:
Also something that does have me a bit worried, i pay attention to every detail. I test rode it and gave the ok for the purchase. and i noticed the gentleman who rode it into the lot from the warehouse, ( when i was passenger) wasnt necessarily clutchless shifting but his style i guess is different than mine or most; his foot would be going up into gear to shift a small second before hed actually pull in the clutch which ive never done personally. could it have possibly worn or hurt anything motor or gearbox wise since its new?

Sorry if im overthinking it all, my bike really means the world to me and ive never had the blessing of having anything new and not abused and just wanna make sure this process is done right.

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Very good questions. You will get many different opinions. I vary RPMs on new vehicles or fresh rebuilds to assist in rings and other metal parts to find their happy place without much stress. I've found this to help the life of the engine. I also build race engines. On those after a short break-in run, 20 minutes or so, it's wide open throttle on those. I can tell you that cylinder hone makes disappear much quicker on the short break-in of race engines which would result in wearing the rings quicker on a road motor.
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