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Barber Motorsports Park Undergoing Changes
[SIZE=-1]by dean adams[/SIZE]
[SIZE=-2]Thursday, November 08, 2007[/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]

It's been talked about for some time--that Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama will be lengthening their track and straightening a section in order to make it longer and faster. While Barber was in the mix for a WSBK race in 2007 (Miller Motorsports Park won out) there was talk that the changes at Barber were going to happen relatively soon.

Thus, with construction equipment currently on site, earth being trucked in or moved has some wondering if the track expansion is currently underway.

Seemingly, it's not. AMA sources say that Barber is in the midst of building either a Supermoto or Motocross track near the current road course. Those sources say that Barber may be building one or the other or both, but that he has not yet made a final decision.


[SIZE=-1]Earthmoving equipment in action at Barber Motorsports Park has tongues wagging. Is this the WSBK track expansion?[/SIZE]

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