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Yep... just like in the movies! :mrgreen

BackStopp beyond encryption

Backstopp allows organisations and individuals to ensure the secure deletion of data and files on any PC or Laptop that is lost or stolen utilising either the GSM (mobile) network, Internet or RFID.

1. As soon as you realise your laptop is stolen, either notify your Backstopp operator or login to the BackStopp Control Panel hosted at www.BackStopp.com.

2. Upon receiving a secure decommission message all data on the lost or stolen device will be destroyed using US Department of Defence standards.

3. A detailed report allows the operator to see what data was destroyed, the device’s last known location and even the possibility of a photo of the culprit.

BackStopp integrates with a secure online backup service so all your data can be easily reloaded on to a new device.



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So what if the laptop is left off for awhile? how long the kill message go out?
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