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I'm normally independent and find my answers through intense research. But, I'm coming up dry in some area's. So any help would be great!

My friend picked this thing up stored away for years due to it would not start. Turns over great, just no spark as I was going through it. He did a compression check and the think was great! So felt it's worth the fix..for the spark.

This is where I come in. My friend hates wires but luvs carbs and gas...lol. So...here I am. I kinda worked backwards, my first look was the switch at the left handlebar...it was busted, I took both wires and ran them through the wrap and tied them off... of course separate from each other, so that is not the cause for no spark. I then looked at the CDI box and the Coil. the CDI box was cracked and when I moved it off the screws little water dripped out the box.(that didn't look good to me and what's strange is this thing has been in storage for a long time.) Anyways my thought came to replace the CDI box and the coil(it was rusted and the orange wire was eaten by a mouse and the spark plug wire seen better days.

Yes, I know, I've seen many posts mentioning the stator-alt-flywheel area is most likely the problem area. But I figured with the condition-looks of the coil and CDI box..and they not that expensive, at least in my mind. Of course I had to buy aftermarket new due to no OEM is being sold new. I got the 7 wire CDI, and the coil was basic with the orange wire and the spark wire. The seller of the CDI box was cool...he explained and provided a diagram with the CDI box. His wires are different colors than the factory wires on the ATV.

It's kinda simple. the alone black wire is ground, the orange alone wire is to the coil. the two wire goes to the two wire on the ATV and that's for the shut off deal. But then comes the 3 wires. the cool diagram shows what wires are for what on the aftermarket CDI...the full black is ground.(goes to the full black from ATV harness) but then the other two, one is for the "pulse"(spark in my mind) and the other is for the ALT(charging)...that's awesome but the issue is the aftermarket wires are totally different in color and stripes.

My brain is telling me to hook the battery back up, turn the starter over...and find the ALT wire by getting a reading that would help charge the bat? and if I tried what ever one is the "pulse" I'd get a reading one time every revolution..???

Any thoughts? What would be the right way to check the wires so that I hook them to the correct wires on the Aftermarket CDI.??

I was looking for a color(wire) diagram online to find what one was pulse and what one was alt... but so far no dice. Cuz I know what ones do what on the aftermarket CDI box...just not sure what factory wires from the stator do what...

Thanks in advance for anyone's time here reading and helping me through this...my reward will be seeing my friends kid with joy ridin' his machine.
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