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My headlights use to work like normal. Years have passed and the past 3 years my headlight would come one some of the times. The fix for me would be turn the bike on and off 5 plus time and the lights would finally come on and work for months with no problems. now that it is 2021 my headlights do not come on anymore. I believe I have found the relay. the relay i pulled was attached to a tab on the middle bottom part of my left headlight if you are sitting on the bike. the year of my bike is a 2012. The relay is a NAiS. some of the numbers on the relay are: 5JJ-20-2 or ACM33211 M04 or 20310 1020 JAPAN. first I am hoping this is the headlight relay. I called a few Yamaha dealers in my state and no one was able to give me and answer without paying them first. I want to buy a new one if this is the right relay. I googled those numbers and got different items but not the same one. has the part be upgraded to something better and is that why i am not finding a match. my google search gave me some different item number. my question will any of these work just fine as a replacement.

NAIS 8DM-81950-11-00


ASIN 5JJ-81950-20-00 (i am thinking the ASIN is a typo on the site)


NAIS ACM33221 CM1A-R-12V 12VDC M59 4 Pins Automotive

Acm33211 M05

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