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here is a complied list of How-To's for 2006/2007 R6 bikes.

First off we are not certified mechanics nor are we trained to perform modifications "professionally." How To's write ups are just simple things we have done research on and done trials before we even fully install them on our own. It is wise to read over the instructions that are included with your OEM/Aftermarket parts and follow the directions. Every thing you read is to be done on your own risk, any questions please feel free to ask. WE HOLD NO RESPONSIBLITY IF YOU SCREW SOMETHING UP. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, OR TAKE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL!


How-To Change Oil & Filter(BlackFZR)

Suspensions, Dampers

How To Install GPR Steering Damper for (thanks BlackFZR)

How-To Install GPR Damper w. Pictures (thanks 12six)

Air Delivery & Exhaust:

How-To Change Your Air Filter (thanks maxoverfred)

How-To Remove Stock Exhaust, o2 Sensor, and EXUP cables. (thanks maxoverfred)

How-To Install Akrapovic Full Exhaust (thanks maxoverfred)

How-To Install Power Commander III (thanks maxoverfred)


How To Installed Custom LED Integrated Taillights w. Pictures (thanks FormerPacifist)


How To Install A Double Bubble Windscreen (thanks C3L1CA)

How To Install Woodcraft Case Cover (thanks BlackFZR)

How To Install C-n-R Levers (thanks BlackFZR)

How-To Install Fender Eliminator (BlackFZR)

How-To on Removing/Installing Grips
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