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If you have questions or information that you feel would be helpful regarding 02-03 R1's mechanical/tech info, then post it up.

Thank you,

General Torque Spec: (02-03) R1
Front Axle: (65 FT LBS)
Front Axle Pinch Bolts (13 FT LBS)
Front Brake Caliper: (29 FT LBS)
Steering Stem Nut: [top triple tree] - (83 FT LBS)
Rear Axle Nut (108 FT LBS)
Rider Footrest Bracket: (20 FT LBS)
Passenger Footrest Bracket: (20 FT LBS)
Drive Sprocket Nut: (61 FT LBS)
Rear Sprocket Nuts: (50 FT LBS) [Service manual calls for 72 FT LBS but this is incorrect.]
Front Engine Mounting Bolts: (33 FT LBS) [This is normally where your Frame Sliders mount.]
Rear Engine Mounting Bolts: [upper and lower] – (36 FT LBS)
Front & Rear Brake Disc: (13 FT LBS)

Stock Chain/Sprocket Info:
16 Front – 43 Rear - 114 links – 530 Pitch

Oil Change Info:
Recommended Oil Viscosity: 10W30 or 20W40
Oil Drain Bolt: (31 FT LBS)
Oil Change Without Filter Replacement: (3.07 QT’s)
Oil Change With Filter Replacement: (3.28 QT’s)

Ride safe.
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