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I have an 01 r1 that i picked up November last year. Rode it a couple weeks and then stored it for the season. I frequently started it and on the odd occasion took it for a ride. Worked great, as before.

I decided to delete the emissions stuff last night and remove the exup valve at the same time. When all was said and done, it would just crack and crank and crank... Tried it 5 or 6 times over the course of 45 min while doing other work and it finally caught and ran but didnt really like it. Sputtering and such and black smoke when reving for the first few seconds then it was fine. Shut it off and restarted fine. Left it for the night.

Tonight I went to move it and start it up and same problem but its not catching now. It fired at first but died after a couple secoends, now it wont restart, not even a bump start. The odd cyclender will fire once and now it will backfire loudy with smell of gas (its not a lack of fuel). Pulled the spark plugs (new over the winter and driven on twice) and the were black and wet with gas. Cleaned and reinstalled. Still nothing... Checked the spark and its weak. i donent even know where to start for a weak spark. i jumped a new motor ground but that did nothing. batter has been fully charged and even jumped off a running bike.

i dont have a service manual so it makes it more difficult, currently downloading one. i hate electrical stuff. theres a reason i like diesels....

Lee :bangdesk
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