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  1. General Bike Discussion
    so i blew up my bike its a yz80 and i took out both circlips and the piston pin wont come out it wont even budge? any ideas on how to take it out? i dont want to hit it with like something hard cuz i dont want to ruin the crank or anything
  2. YZ-F & YZ
    my yz80 top end keeps blowing... it blewa stock piston and a wiseco with in 1 day the wiseco blew and the stock lasted a weekend im runing a br9es spark if that makes a difference and its a 1993 yz80... andthe rings are fine just the top of the piston
  3. YZ-F & YZ
    what can make my 93 yz80 faster i already have a full fmf pipe with the Q silencer... and i was thinking about buying reeds for it they are... YAMAHA PRO SERIES BOYESEN REEDS YZ80 YZ 1993 - 2000:eBay Motors (item 110416732032 end time Nov-19-09 10:57:54 PST) would they make a difference :thanks
  4. YZ-F & YZ
    ok so i checked... if its getting spark... if its getting gas... airfilter... reeds... and carb... and all seems good... but i went to go change the oil and i noticed that its more of a lighter color then normal oil so i thought gas or water some how got into it i went to go lite it... and...
  5. YZ-F & YZ
    its got a new paint job, its got a new sleeve and piston/rings, new bearings and gaskets... new tires, new chain, new clucth, and new gas lines and filters and what else might go wrong sence it so old??? :thanks
1-5 of 5 Results