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  1. Mechanical / How To
    Hi All, just want to share a my Bike I have been gifted. It was standing at a old farm/plot and has not been used in a long time. Had the motor redone (well a friend did) and sorted out problems on the carb myself by using the power of Google(pats self on back) I am now busy cleaning off the...
  2. YZ-F & YZ
    I'm having some trouble getting my frront brakes working. I bought the bike with the front brake not working correctly. Since then I have rebuilt the calipers, put in new brake line, replaced the master cylinder springs, seals and plunger. When I fill up the resevoir, no fluid comes out of...
  3. YZ-F & YZ
    Does anyone know where I can get plastic for a 1983 YZ 250 in white? I have a Canadian bike and all of the plastic I find for that year is yellow for the American model. What I really need is the right side number plate and possibly a gas tank.
  4. YZ-F & YZ
    ok well i got this amazing 1999 yz250 but the only thing is that the back of the bike is higher than the front, how can i lower this? oh yea the seat is rock hard does any know of a seat that is still firm just a little more comfortable? contact me here or at [email protected]
  5. YZ-F & YZ
    ok well ive been scouring the internet for a manual for my yz250 1999 and came up with nothing but i found one for a 2000 yz250, are those two bikes in the same catagorey for the manual? like some manuals span from 1998 to 2001 for an example. i need help fast, contact me here or at...
  6. YZ-F & YZ
    ok well i just bought a sweet yz250 and i was wanting to get a manual for it so if some thing goes wrong i know what to do, but i search and search and cant find a manual anywhere!!!! i need one so if any one knows of a good one for my 1999 yz250 hit me up here or at [email protected]
  7. Mechanical / How To
    Hi, Im wondering if anyone can give a suggestion or tip dealing with this problem i am having on my 00 yz250 Im having a problem with the throttle on the bike, the throttle tube is cracked and the grips need to be replaced cause they slip. Other then that the throttle is fine in low rpms and...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Whats up, I just bought 2000 Yz250 To have some fun with this summer.......
  9. YZ-F & YZ
    Whats up, I had just bought this 2000 Yz250, I think it looks great for a 00. Maybe touch up the frame paint and it would really look clean. It has Pro Circuit exhaust with 304silencer, renthal bars, excel rims...What do you guys think ?
  10. Mechanical / How To
    i just picked up a 1982 yz250 the engine was handed over to me i a box it needs a new piston and rings and gaskets i called the dealer and there isnt any parts avalible for the 82 so my question is is there any other year thats i can cross reference to get the parts i need or am i just boned
  11. YZ-F & YZ
    I have a 88 yz250 and the rear brake caliper is striped and leaking and have bin having some trouble finding one . i was wondering if anyone new what years would fit. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. YZ-F & YZ
    i recently bought an 02 yz 250 and i put it on a motocross stand (back tire off the ground) when i start it and put it in gear with the clutch lever pulled, the back tire spins as if the clutch lever was not pulled... is it the clutch needing replacement or is there a way to adjust the clutch...
  13. Mechanical / How To
    hey guys. i have a few bikes. ( hondas :P family thing. ) but im fixing and customing a ys250 95/ for a buddy as it was his first bike before he got his fmx contract. i have all the parts and need help with graphics. he would like a one ind kit but they dont make it for 95. so i wa wondering...
  14. YZ-F & YZ
    I am going to purchase a 09 Yz 250 and need to know what mods should i do to it first. I am going to be using it mostly for drag racing and trail riding.
  15. Mechanical / How To
    Hello all, I just picked up my first 2 stroke... a 1995 yz250. Man, is this thing fast... the power band is crazy! With speed come one necessity, braking! Unfortunatly, my front master cyclinder is snapped where the lever attaches so I need a new one. Do I have to replace it with a master...
1-15 of 15 Results