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  1. Mechanical / How To
    Has anyone got a manual for a YZ 125 1992 model, in pdf format or email to me please
  2. Mechanical / How To
    hi guys, need some help please! rebuilt my 05 yz125 engine a few months ago and only done a few rides since then. up until the last ride it was running like a dream, no issues whatsoever, and it suddenly started bogging down and stalling, very difficult to start and no bottom end power...
  3. YZ-F & YZ
    I need your help, I recently bought a used 2004 yz 125 and want to know a couple of things about it: 1. Is it a 5 speed or is something wrong with the transmission? 2. What are the factory settings for the suspension?, it is totally off 3. Where can I get a free service manual? Thanks for your...
  4. General Bike Discussion
    Hi. I purchased my first yz 125 a month ago. The cylinder bore requires re plating. needs crank bearings and seals. It will cost around £400 to fix. I was keen to see peoples' opinions on me fixing it as opposed to taking a hit on the bike and selling it on. Any Thoughts? Cheers. What would...
1-4 of 4 Results