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  1. Raptors & YFZ450
    hi guys i need help with my quad .. it's a 450r 09 special edition , just got my motor rebuild , rebuild crank , ported head , 12.4 high compression piston and i got a rs-2 aluminium yoshimura exhaust , the rest is stock .. he make that sounds since the rebuild and we just can't figure out...
  2. Raptors & YFZ450
    i have a 2010 yfzr with a 13.2 comp piston full exhaust pc5 and air intake kit and wasnt sure whether the cams from the carbeurated yfz's would fit the fuel injected model and what stage cams i should put in. im planning on doing some headwork soon also btw
  3. Mechanical / How To
    I was looking into getting a yamaha yfz 450 there is only a couple things stopping me.I am on a budget so i would be looking at a 04-06 model and maybe a 07.But my cousin has had some engine probs his is a 05 an it has been threw 2 motors already.So i thought i would do some research on it and i...
1-3 of 3 Results