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  1. V-Max & Virago
    Hi guys. I have Yamaha Virago XV750 1984... My old ECU J4T00672 died and I got new one J4T032, but now motorcycle won't start. If you push it and it starts, than it kind of a working, but when you turn it off and try to start it by starter it just spining and spining and spining and can't...
  2. V-Max & Virago
    I bought a used, garage-kept 2005 Virago 250 with about 2,300 miles on it recently and it had been running great. But now nothing electric is working -- lights, neutral lamp, ignition, etc. A couple days ago, I removed the seat after a short ride because I saw the seat wasn't properly bolted on...
  3. V-Max & Virago
    Hi All, I'm wondering, if anyone knows what can be a valid replacement, for the obsolete Yamaha part 3JL-82305-00-00, which is the original CDI unit (Ignitor unit) of a Virago XV 750 1991-97 model. Thank you in advance.
  4. Mechanical / How To
    i bought a virago 750 for $400 that wasnt running. i cleaned the carbs and resinked them. the bike will idle but when given gas, fire will come out the exhaust and the bike will shut off. any idea what could be the problem?
  5. V-Max & Virago
    Hey guys im new and i have a virago 250. Would drilling out the baffles make a good improvement in sound?
1-5 of 5 Results