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  1. TT
    ok i have what i think is an older model ttr 225 yamaha that i picked up for 15 dollars and the piston and lower part valve are bad. i was wanting to take a motor out of my old moto4 200 3wheeler and put it on my bike it matches over great just that i need a piston for it too work and i have no...
  2. General Bike Discussion
    so i blew up my bike its a yz80 and i took out both circlips and the piston pin wont come out it wont even budge? any ideas on how to take it out? i dont want to hit it with like something hard cuz i dont want to ruin the crank or anything
  3. YZ-F & YZ
    my yz80 top end keeps blowing... it blewa stock piston and a wiseco with in 1 day the wiseco blew and the stock lasted a weekend im runing a br9es spark if that makes a difference and its a 1993 yz80... andthe rings are fine just the top of the piston
  4. General Bike Discussion
    so i have no clue were to put this thread... but anyways ive searched :google and ive seen that wiseco is better but i want you guys opinion i just want the longest lasting one... i dont care about performance this is for a 93 yz80 (if that makes a difference)
1-4 of 4 Results