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  1. YZF-R6, R6S, 600R
    Hello, I am needing to replace my 2005 Yamaha YZF600r motor, and I was curious if there was anyone knowledgeable on what models/years might be interchangeable? I have found a decent 1999 YZF-R6 (seller also has it labeled as 600r, but I'm certain it is R6) motor that is complete. I have...
  2. General Bike Discussion
    I race 600cc mini sprints and i blew my motor up last season and im looking for a replacement motor. Everybody trys to find them on ebay and craigslist so im looking for an alternative source...if youve got a bone stock 600 motor or know of anyone who does i would love to hear about it...also if...
1-2 of 3 Results