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  1. Mechanical / How To
    Hello, I'm trying to convert my 50cc 2004 Yamaha dt50 enduro to an 80cc engine, for a little extra speed and fun :) I have already found an appropriate engine and exhaust, but I'm trying to find a carburetor that will for certain fit, since the stock one will be too small. I was looking at...
  2. Mechanical / How To
    All who can help, I’ve spent hours reading different pages and forums about the problem I’m having but have yet to solve my problem. I bought a “seized” 2003 yz450f that i bought assuming “lack of trying” by the previous owner and I was correct. Moved the bike around in gear a little and engine...
  3. Mechanical / How To
    So just recently my 2007 Yamaha R6S has been acting funny, so I ignored it thinking that it was a change in weather…. and then boom, the bike started sputtering at low rpm’s and cleared up after around 3-4K rpm’s. And I thought it was possibly bad gas (I use 92 octane) which it was not since...
  4. Mechanical / How To
    Hey my fellow Yamaha riders, I am looking for a link or file to the service and repair manual for the 2003-2006 YZF R1. If anyone knows where to find it or has one saved, please help me out! Dave
  5. YZF-R1
    hi. i have r1 2005 with 35k km. i started to have a strange noise like rubbing from the motor. it's start at 4000 rpm. it's in the garage and he have no idea. hope to get some proposal.
1-5 of 5 Results