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  1. FZ's, FZR's, & YZF 750
    Hi, I bought fzs V3 bS6 at April 2021, some noise are comming randomly while riding. Service engineer can't able to understand what I m saying and what's the problem? I captured the noise while riding I here attached that video. Kindly help me.. is it major defect? Is it any possibility to...
  2. YZ-F & YZ
    HEY there my fellow riders, New to the site but looking forward seeing what people are up to on here. But to the point now. So awhile back i bought a 2008 YZ450F. Picked it up pretty cheap well long story short it lasted just about 3 min from getting it off the truck home. Started it up, reved...
  3. FZ's, FZR's, & YZF 750
    After building my bike I've got a load of parts left over including engines, frames wheels etc. The boss (you all know who) has told me it's time to clear out.. :whip If you need anything then just ask. Cheers Al
  4. FZ's, FZR's, & YZF 750
    wondering how set camtimings and where i see those marks in engine? cams? its my first motorcycle what i rebuilt can someone tell me any good advices and tips. sorry for bad english and thnx if someone can help! waiting spring here :) :lift
  5. Yamaha-Forum Site Support Forum
    Hi all. Have YZF 750 with cams out & no marks on chain. OK I know how to line up marks on chain sprockets with marks on cams & check that no 1 piston is TDC but does it matter whether it is exhaust or ignition stroke? In other words do you get a spark on every stroke? Because if you do I guess...
  6. General Bike Discussion
    hey i got an 87 fz 600 that i rode the last two seasons ive been doing some work to it i put a 03 tl1000 tail section on, and doing some custom work my next question is i also got a fz700 which i wanna rip the motor out of and throw into my fz 600 just wondering if anyone knows if this is...
  7. General Bike Discussion
    Hi. I purchased my first yz 125 a month ago. The cylinder bore requires re plating. needs crank bearings and seals. It will cost around £400 to fix. I was keen to see peoples' opinions on me fixing it as opposed to taking a hit on the bike and selling it on. Any Thoughts? Cheers. What would...
1-7 of 7 Results