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  1. FZ's, FZR's, & YZF 750
    wondering how set camtimings and where i see those marks in engine? cams? its my first motorcycle what i rebuilt can someone tell me any good advices and tips. sorry for bad english and thnx if someone can help! waiting spring here :) :lift
  2. FZ's, FZR's, & YZF 750
    Hi guys, I'm looking for a YZF 750 head assembly in good shape, mainly for the head sub-assembly with the cam shafts. Would consider buying the whole head. Thank you
  3. Raptors & YFZ450
    i have a 2010 yfzr with a 13.2 comp piston full exhaust pc5 and air intake kit and wasnt sure whether the cams from the carbeurated yfz's would fit the fuel injected model and what stage cams i should put in. im planning on doing some headwork soon also btw
1-3 of 3 Results