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  1. YZ-F & YZ
    I bought a '91 YZ125 and it has a crack in the cylinder. I'm having a hard time finding a new cylinder for it, although I did find one. Would dit be more cost effective to find someone to fix it or would it be better to buy a new one and still get the old one fixed?
  2. Mechanical / How To
    Hey there everyone! I am new this this forum and new to riding scooters in general. I'm a new rider and don't really know much about The Riva, or scooters in general. I just got my M1 license a few weeks ago and this is my first Riva. I just got the scooter about a week ago and it was working...
  3. Mechanical / How To
    Hi I'm wanting to change my gearbox oil on my 1982 yz 125 J. It's been sitting in the shead for 8 years. First which way does the sum plug turn? Second I've cleanned the tank, carb and horses and replaced air filter. Is there anything thing else I should check before I try and start it? Any help plz
  4. General Bike Discussion
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  5. General Bike Discussion
    I have a 2005 Yamaha Grizzly 125 Automatic. It set for over a year. I cleaned the carburetor. When I go to start it I choke it, shake it from side to side while pushing the start button. This is the only way it will start. Once it is warmed up, I do not have to shake it from side to side while...
1-5 of 5 Results