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Retiredguy 12-21-2018 11:19 AM

charging system
I have a 2001 Royal Star 1300.
Last year I was having charging issues and R/R my rectifier, which solved the then problem. I had to purchase a new battery during my troubleshooting. i'm not able to ride very often, so I always have a battery tender connected. I took the bike for a short ride the other day, about a half hour, city riding...traffic lights and such, and after stopping and turning the bike off for about 15 minutes, it wouldn't start. I was able to call a friend and we trailered the bike home. I put it on the tender and in a day or so, the battery was charged and started right up. When i metered the battery when the bike was running, I'm only getting about 12.5 volts, which I believe should be more than that at idle, I even increased the RPM's to see if the reading went up, and it did not.
what are some troubleshooting tips i can do to see if its my rectifier again....or if it's the generator, or something else?

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