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tman 12-05-2011 02:55 PM

2000 timberwolf yfb250fw middle drive seal
Looking for some help on how change the front seal on the middle drive. I have a severe oil leak coming from the seal for the front drive shaft. All the drawings I have seen look as if it is pressed in from the inside. This means that I have to dis-assemble the entire drive assembly?

itsmygame 12-09-2011 07:49 PM

I've been around the block afew times and have never seen a seal mounted from the inside. It goes agaisnt there basic principle. To keep fluid in. Have someone that knows more to make sure. If it is acessable from the outside then I would pull it. If the oil leak is that bad, whats to lose.

tman 12-15-2011 06:51 AM

It was definitely pressed in from the inside behind a pressed in bearing. I have completed the project and fixed the issue but there was definitely some poor design around that! By pulling the swing arm and then using a low profile box end wrench to get the u-joint nut off I was then blocked by the cross over frame rail. I cut out the rail removed the middle drive (repaired and re-installed it) then welded the frame rail back into place. This was by far easier than pulling the complete engine

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