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02 R1 Race Bike Intermittently Cuts Out

Hi everyone at yamaha-forum, thanks for the help in advance.

Now I have a fairly tricky problem, I have bought a tracked R1 that appears to have come with an intermittent cut out problem say once every 10-150miles.

The cut out will be fairly instant on and off and will restart with no problem whatsoever.

The history of the bike has many unknowns and the bike is far from standard (all work I have not performed myself)

*The main feature I am trying to narrow this problem down with is that the clocks reset i.e the speedo needle drops to 0 then does the full loop before returning to the actual revs just as when the bike is started (no error code)

This will/should eliminate many possibilities i.e kill switch, side stand, clutch switch and other 'first to look at' areas

My question is does anyone know of any other reason a break in the ignition circuit that could cause the speedo to reset in the manor described?

Any sensors? ecu problems? anything that could be being concealed?

I have also seen a lot of problems written up about the throttle position sensor and I am keen to ask if anyone has had this problem how the bike cut out?

Thats enough banging on for know if any more info is needed please let me know.

Cheers fellow r1ers
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