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2009 Yamaha Big Bear 250 Boggy

Hi all I'm new to the forum and am looking forward to learning as much as I can. Ok so my 09 big bear 250 2wheel drive was having a couple light backfires when I would come off really hitting the throttle. And it wouldn't idle without working the throttle. So I figured I would clean the carb. Cleaned it really well and everything looked clean. Put it all back together and it idles and starts great. But now as soon as I give it passed 1/4 throttle in any gear it bogs and almost dies and backfires threw carb. Tore down the carb again and cleaned it. Still nothin I sprayed carb cleaner around the intake boots and it didn't rev higher. Also when I put the choke on full it doesn't bog as bad but still very noticeable. Any ideas? Thanks
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