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Hi folks,

I am on a look out for something in the cruiser market. I narrowed down my choices to the following --->

1. Yamaha Roadliner 2014.
2. Yamaha V-Star 950.

So I went to the show and checked it out. My background is that I am converting from a 110-150 cc motorcycle to something of this size. I am new to the conditions here as regards to riding a motorcycle. Actually I just moved to southern California and think that since I am pretty the only person travelling from point A to point B all the time....a better option is to explore riding a motorcycle.

Now...the salesman came back saying the Roadliner 2014 "a lot of motorcycle" for someone in my position and a better option is to go for the V-Star 950. ..Because if I buy something in the 250 cc to 650 cc, I will pretty much grow out of it quickly.

This got me thinking....these bikes have really low center of gravity and are comfortable to sit on.

What concerns me is that I will buy this bike and then find it very hard to handle...turning at low speeds...because it is a heavy system. Making U-turns in city streets....moving along traffic congestion in 101 while climbing....lots of things are coming into play...

Can some of you folks help me form a decision...I am centered on buying a motorcycle as I see it as a good option for me.


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