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problem with xmax 125 2013

Hey all.
I'm new to the forum and I need an advice please.
I bought xmax 125 new couple months ago it was brilliant then within first service was noise that was getting on my nervs. It sounded like echo of dog barkin in the mountains so took it to the dealer they changed the clutch been serviced it was the same so I thought I finish breaking in the engine properly. Magically it doesn't it dissapeared. Last two days I will hit the throttle and bike hardly pulls out as it used to be. And I hear the engine juddering.
Scenario: I'm coming towards round about I kill the throtle start braking and juddering starts.as I wanna pull out from the about the revs meter not moving and you don't feel any power at all give it a. Moment then it will start pulling. Took it to the dealer yesterday and today got call saying the bike runs normal and no problem with. It at all.knowing I'm 5ft8 and about 12 stones the guy who tried it, is about 6ft4 or something big Fellar he said it's normal when I went to pick up the bike the sale manager sat me down and start drawing how the clutch works and trying to convince me that what's happening is normal the owner of the shop was satting and I can tell the sale manager who tried the bike was forced by the boss to make me look like an idiot didn't react or anything I said to myself it's cool I will take the bike and see if the problem has gone.surprise surprise no its worse same juddering between killing and full throtle and up hill now I used to do 60 no problem stidy,now 40 and you see dropping and struggling. So guys is it normal or the guy (the boss) is taking me for an idiot? Thanks in advance.
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