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Originally Posted by krrakt View Post
Is there a YZF-R7 forum? I cant find it, unless it's the R7 section of another forum?

In the original post, you stated that you have seen alot of trolling in the "YZF-R7 forum"!

I can't seem to find that forum.

I have read your R7/1 build and that is a great read and info. So I'm eager to check out the progress on the Harris framed R7/1

Finally have the finances to start a project of my own (or just purchase an R7). either an R7/1 or an RGV500 are my final choices. Depending what major components I find first I suppose like frame and engine.

Like many here, I believe it (the R7) to be one of the finest bikes ever made.

You did a very nice job putting yours together, It would great to have results like that.

Just putting a 1000 motor in my YZF 750 is not worth the effort for me. I NEED an R7 or a gp replica to put a smile on my face ;?)
Thank you very much. Appreciate your comments.

The R7 forum I'm referring to is here. Because of the number of R7 references on this forum, seems to draw people looking for information about the R7. No worries, it's nice to see the discussion.

Harris build has come a LONG way, but haven't posted pictures lately. Might post a few soon.

I can tell you that finding parts to build an R7 is becoming harder and harder. Seen several for sale in recent months, where are you located? I'll let you know when I see bikes for sale.

Only result that matters is happiness. Either way, must be happy with your build! Need any help with contacts or information, please let me know.


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