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Is there a YZF-R7 forum? I cant find it, unless it's the R7 section of another forum?

In the original post, you stated that you have seen alot of trolling in the "YZF-R7 forum"!

I can't seem to find that forum.

I have read your R7/1 build and that is a great read and info. So I'm eager to check out the progress on the Harris framed R7/1

Finally have the finances to start a project of my own (or just purchase an R7). either an R7/1 or an RGV500 are my final choices. Depending what major components I find first I suppose like frame and engine.

Like many here, I believe it (the R7) to be one of the finest bikes ever made.

You did a very nice job putting yours together, It would great to have results like that.

Just putting a 1000 motor in my YZF 750 is not worth the effort for me. I NEED an R7 or a gp replica to put a smile on my face ;?)

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